Testing (AP Exams)

AP Exam Registration & Fees

Yearlong and Semester 1 CoursesThe AP Exam fee is $110 per exam before October 31, 2020. The fee increases to $150 per exam starting on October 31.

Semester 2 Courses (AP Physics, AP Economics, and AP United States Government and Politics): The AP Exam fee is $110 per exam.  

The original deadline for all AP Exam fees has been changed. The last day to make an AP Exam fee payment is March 12, 2021.

A student is considered registered for an AP Exam when all of the following steps have been completed:

  1. Student has created a College Board AP account or can access account created last year;
  2. Student has joined online class code provided by AP Teacher; If the student is not enrolled in the AP Class, please reach out to Mrs. Mayra Delgado at [email protected] to receive an online class code.
  3. Exam fee has been paid.

Visit the AP Exam webpage for more information or email [email protected] with questions.